These precision in-ear monitors will be music to your ears at every performance, every time.

To perform your best, you need to hear your best. Stage performers routinely risk their hearing, their most precious asset, with the sounds levels on stage from instruments and monitors. In-ear musician’s monitors replace traditional wedge-shaped monitors with precise, isolated sound delivered directly to you, so that you can stay in tune and perform your best.

Today’s professional musicians know that well-fit in-ear monitors provide clearer sound and effective sound monitoring at much lower volume levels. This means you can hear and perform your best while protecting your hearing from the prolonged exposure to loudspeakers.

There is a great variety of hearing protection for musician’s available. For the professional musician, to the casual concert goer, Albrecht Audiology offers custom hearing protection to meet your needs.

Custom-Fit Monitors

Our custom-molded in-ear monitors are fit into medical-grade silicone earmolds that are comfortable for extended periods of wear and that form a superior acoustic seal to give you just the sound you need. Precision drivers, integrated crossovers, and discreet cable connections make these professional-quality audio monitors second to none in terms of sonic quality, all in a package that is unobtrusive and will never stand between you and a great performance.

Are Custom Earbuds Better Than Headphones?

It doesn’t matter how you deliver the sound to your ears; it matters how long your delicate auditory system is exposed to damaging levels of sound. Loud sound is so easily accessible, especially with access to mobile devices, it is no surprise that hearing loss is on the rise. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), 13 percent of Americans ages 12 years or older have hearing loss in both ears.

Benefits of Custom Earbuds

Listen and Learn: Custom-fit earbuds offer a secure, comfortable fit that reduce background noise and don’t allow low-frequency sounds to bleed off; allowing you to hear a full, pleasant sound at lower volume levels. You hear what you want to hear, and not what you don’t.

Use your imagination when you choose your color and design for all custom in-ear monitors and earplugs!

How to Protect Your Hearing When Using Earbuds

There are other ways to reduce the effects of loud music on your hearing.

  • Be conscious of your volume — most listening devices allow you to set a warning when you’ve turned up the volume to a possibly harmful level.
  • Be conscious of how long you’re listening to your music and at what volume.
  • Don’t believe the myth that certain music is more damaging than others; it’s all the same. What really matters is the decibel level and the length of time you listen.
  • Try the 60/60 rule — listening to your headphones or earbuds at 60% volume for 60 minutes at a time.

Love live music? Consider getting custom earplugs, which are customized for optimal fit and function by us for you!