You have invested in equipment to play and listen to music. Now invest in something that has to last you a lifetime. Protect your hearing.

The most important instruments musicians have are their ears. We are now able to detect damage in the inner ear earlier than ever before. We use specialized equipment that measure otoacoustic emissions. OAEs are sounds that are produced by healthy ears in response to acoustic stimulation. OAEs will be absent or abnormal before we are able to detect inner ear damage with a typical hearing test.

Custom Musicians' Earplugs:

Protect your hearing without distorting the music. Whether you are into Mozart or Metallica, the flat attenuation (noise reduction) make these the preferred earplug for the performing musician or concert-goer. Interchangeable filters offer three levels of attenuation. Great for bartenders or servers who work while the band is playing. The earplugs make it easier to understand orders, and protect your hearing.

Custom Musicians' In-Ear Monitors:

Improve the sound quality while you protect your hearing with custom-fit in-ear monitors. Go to Westone's website to see descriptions of all the choices.

Custom iPhone Earphones:

Custom earphones with a in-line microphone are secure and comfortable and block out unwanted noise. App available for programmable noise isolation so you can choose your degree of situational awareness.

ER20 High Fidelity Earplugs:

High fidelity earplugs are an inexpensive option to maintain the quality of the music. They comes in two sizes, standard or large.

Trust Albrecht Audiology for all your hearing needs.

As our patient, you can expect a thorough assessment of your hearing, loudness perception characteristics, and listening needs, and advice as to how to best meet those needs. If amplification is recommended, you can expect a high degree of personal care in choosing appropriately from a rapidly increasing and changing range of technology, whether it be limited to help with the television, for example, or a more complete solution for all environments.